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In the Mottolino snowpark this year is snowing earlier!

17 October 2014


Mottolino snowpark in Livigno has been winning the best Italian snowpark award for a few years now, and it has been entitled of being among the 3 best european snowparks as well… in spite of this, however, we are aware that we can still improve, and due to this reason the area is a continuous work in progress. Even in the summer!”

Thus began my conversation with Filippo Longa, the very young team leader of the snowgroomer crew at Mottolino who, together with Mirko the team leader of the snowgroomer crew withing the snowpark, followed the work for the construction of the snow making system in the park throughout the whole summer.

“We started working at the end of July and we are finalizing the job in these days: an average of 3 people worked in shifts to complete eveyrthing in time.”

But … what is it exactly all about?

“Last year we had already created a snow making system for the M line, this year we have added two more: one going between the S line and Trepalle slope, about 500 meters long, and another one going between the XL line and the Verdolin slope. This way, snow guns availability permitting, we will have the opportunity to produce more snow in those places where we exactly need it in order to optimize time and commitment of the groomers who would otherwise need to continue moving the snow from one place to the next”.

The wells, which are the places where water is captured, are 7-8 for every snowmaking system to guarantee snow making on the whole park area, from the easiest lines to those ones devoted to Pros which, even thou build upon a terrain made of ground, requires huge amount of snow.

“Mirko and I have followed the work right from the design stage,” says Filippo proudly and clearly fond of his job “given past experience we have tried to build the most efficient system possible in order to make the snowpark preparation easier for everybody… because, it’s reknown, it is very challenging although extremely rewarding. Nothing is ever perfect: with these improvements, however, we would like to help ensure that our snowpark remains at the top of the charts, and not just the Italian ones! We want to create the conditions for all riders and enthusiasts to have fun right from Christmas”.

Thank you Filippo! You are showing me once more that major goals can only be achieved with teamwork. And what to say now?

“Well, now we’re waiting for temperature to drop: from -4° it’s possible to start producing snow and we cannot wait to see everything white and full of skiers and snowboarders!”

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