The Gambler 710 is a DH weapon that knows no compromise, with FOX suspensions for competitions and World Cup features it will brings you down the slopes quickly and with style. This bike can also be used with 27,50" wheels.
The mtb of the exclusive category is a superior range of downhill bikes, which guarantee excellent performance to those who already have experience in the bikepark or practice MTB regularly. Unlike standard bikes, they guarantee greater grip and reliability, necessary for those who know how to tackle paths and jumps with speed and technique.
Available sizes: S-M-L

Choose this solution if:
All you need is the bike and you want one on top of the range.
If you just need the bike: The Bikepass is not included!
If you also need the Bikepass besides the bike,  we suggest you to take the All-Inclusive Pack that you find  HERE
If you are taller than 145 cm.

To use the service, present yourself with the purchase voucher at the Dr. Rent.
The rate does not include insurance for damage to material that can be purchased separately.
We recommend comfortable clothing, possibly "onion-style", and sneakers (better, but not essential, if with a flat skateboard type sole).

When: 9:00-16:45 everyday.
Where: Starting point of the Mottolino's Gondola c/o Noleggio Dr. Rent  - Map
Address: Via Bondi 473/a, Livigno

Products/services purchased in advance of the date of use will be reimbursed 100% if the beneficiary cannot use them due to an impediment linked to the dissemination of COVID-19.
The refund of the product/service purchased online will be returned net of commission.
Bike insurance, which can be purchased online together with the bike rental or the "all inclusive" package at a cost of €10, provides damage coverage up to €300.00.

Mottolino APP  Punti: YES - 1 point every euro spent.


MTB Downhill Entry Level

DH Scott Gambler 710 M17

Item code: 9505

Downhill bike rental for adults and children taller than 145 cm, perfect both for the beginners and for those with a softer and less aggressive riding style.  Available sizes: S-M-L

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