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Gift Ideas


Skipass Livigno

Buy the Livigno Skipass directly online, three tariffs are available for you: Normal, Senior and Junior.
starting from 25.00

Ski Rental Packages

Ski Rental Packages for children, teens and adults. Complete with skis, boots and poles.
starting from 17.00*
*rate 1 day

Snowboard Rental Packages

Snowboard rental packages for children, teenagers and adults. Snowboard and ski boots sets.

starting from 21.50*
*rate 1 day

Bikepass Mottolino

Mottolino Bikepark entrance ticket.
starting from 33.00*
*rate Normal

All Inclusive Bikepark

All Inclusive package to have fun at the Mottolino Bikepark. Includes: Bike, Protections and Mottolino Bikepass.

starting from 87.50*
*rate 1 day

Larix Park

The Larix Park is just the perfect place to go where you want to live an incredible and funny day off in Livigno
starting from 17.00

Mottolino Clothing

Come and discover all the products selected specifically for our fans, customized as only we know how to do at Mottolino.

starting from 45.00