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MTB Downhill Exclusive

A higher range downhill bike, excellent performance for those who already have experienced MTB bikes and the bikepark as well.

starting from 99.00*
*rate 1 day

MTB Downhill Junior

MTB downhill junior rental for guys who are until the age of 14 and a maximum height of 145 cm.

starting from 63.50*
*rate 1 day

MTB Downhill Standard

MTB downhill for adults and guys taller than 145 cm, which is perfect for the very first experiences for those who have a soft and less aggressive riding style.

starting from 76.00*
*rate 1 day

MTB Downhill Super Exclusive

The bikes with the best features that combine the best technology with massive top brands.

starting from 136.00*
*rate 1 day

MTB E-bike Exclusive

For anyone, including expert bikers. A mix of technology, reliability and safety for the maximum fun.

starting from 77.00*
*rate 1 day

MTB E-bike Standard

The ideal bike for those who want to try a MTB excursion experience without putting to much effort.

starting from 54.00*
*rate 1 day

MTB Enduro Exclusive

For those who are looking for the best in the market. A light and solid bike fully equipped with maximum quality components.

starting from 99.00*
*rate 1 day

MTB Enduro Standard

A MTB enduro bike for adults and guys that are taller than 145 cm, perfect for both activties inside and outside the bikepark.

starting from 69.00*
*rate 1 day