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Skiing offpist: the ABC of freeride at Mottolino!

13 November 2014


Do you think that skiing offpist is just for advanced and reckless people? It’s not like this! You should try the adventure together with alpine guides and professionals, anybody with a basic technical level will be able to live breathless emotions.

Skiing offpist opens a new world made of enchanted woods, uncontaminated snow, fairy landscapes but also great emotions and deep heartbeats. Feeling the snow refreshing your face, admiring tracks on immaculate slopes, that’s what will awake your desire for snow, when you thought you had enough of dealing with people on normal slopes.

In the Mottolino ski area of Livigno, recently awarded as best Italian Freeride Location at Skipass Modena awards, the “approaching freeride” project had started three years ago, with the aim of satisfying the growing skiers trend and need for powder, thanks to the willpower of great Italian alpinist Marco Confortola.

Don’t you know anything about freeride? Here’s the ABC to approach the discipline, obviously at Mottolino!

A as ARTVA, aka Transceiver. Don’t you even try to think about trying without it! Safety kit is indispensable: Transceiver, shovel and probe, in a comfy backpack, where you’ll keep also an energy bar to get some energies back, are mandatory. It’s even better if you can use them! Don’t you have them? Rent them at Dr Rent and ask Marco how to use them!

B as beautiful woods. Untouched slopes, small valleys and a lot of snow are the main features for a day offpis… a special ingredient of freeriding at Mottolino are the small woods, that are many and really funny. Explore them with your skis on, you’ll get back to childhood, feeling great in a protected and muffled environment.

C as Confortola. Marco will be your guide in this new experience: a great Italian alpinist, and a great mountain lover, with his pleasantness and genuinity and authenticity he’ll transmit you his passion and he’ll entertain you in complete safety.

Are you curious? Find out major details on our website. Packages starting from € 100 for 3 hours of pure emotion!