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Freeride a Livigno sul Mottolino

Freeride in Livigno: the etiquette of powder offpiste skiing.

17 February 2015


I’m Marco Confortola, a mountain guide, a ski instructor, a helicopter rescue technician, an athlete and Himalayan mountaineer and, of course, I’m a freerider.

I know and respect the mountain which, for me, is home.

I’ve learned that when knocking at someone’s door it’s good saying “please” before stepping in: the mountain, of course, is no exception.

That’s why I always walk in with reverence, perfectly knowing I’m a guest.

I like considering myself a well mannered and polite guest: that’s why I never lose sight of the etiquette and proudly follow the 5 rules of the perfect freerider. What are they?

1. Self rescue equipment must always be with you.

Transceiver, shovel and probe are fundamental tools and in case of emergency they can really make a difference. They must always be in the backpack you’ll bring along during your excursions. If you decide to come with me, we’ll check together all of your equipment to make sure it is at the top.

2. Know how to use your self rescue kit.

People often ask me “what is the best transceiver?”. To this question there’s one and only answer: your own, because you know it well and you know exactly how it works. As a matter of fact knowing how to use your safety kit to perfection is, by far, the key to give confidence to all of your skiing mates. Practice often and “play” to improve your search time in a research. If you can do it with a few friends, bet a pizza on it: winning will be the greatest satisfaction. If you decide to come with me, I’ll teach you how to use your self-rescue equipment.

3. Never go solo and always contact an experienced guide.

Don’t ever venture skiing off-piste alone. No matter how experienced you are, should you have an accident, even just a simple injury, no one could help you calling for help. In addiction to this always rely on experienced mountain guides. Not only they’ll make you feel safer, especially if you don’t know the area, but with them you’ll be able to experience something unique. The guides in fact know where to find the best snow, which routes to follow in order to keep the excursion funny, but always with the right amount of effort. They also know everything, absolutely everything, in the area and can tell anecdotes and incredibly curious stories. If you decide to come with me, I’ll tell you fascinating stories that you will never find out by yourself.

4. Ski and snowboard designed for powder.

If you still don’t have your own equipment, consider you are not forced to enjoy a half-way through experience. Pop in at Dr. Rent shop, located at Mottolino gondola bottom terminal, and with the help of your guide and the rental staff you can choose the more suitable skis and snowboard for your style. If you are missing transceiver, shovel and probe, don’t worry: in the store are also available backpacks with complete safety kit equipment. If you decide to come with me backpack rental is already included in the price.

5. A lifesaving law: safety equipment is a must for you and for others.

Carrying along a backpack equipped with self-rescue kit is required by law. If I are stopped for inspection, during or at the end of your excursion, you may in fact be heavily fined if found wihtout it. So, let’s face it: if you really don’t want to do it for fairness and ethics, do it for “your pockets”. If you decide to come with me I’ll personally verify, before leaving, all the safety equipment you have with you because this law may save your life.

And if the 5 golden rules are still not enough to convince you that skiing with me is certainly a great choice: try to think how many stories of my Himalayan adventures if might miss at the end of the day once time for lunch comes. Having a break with me in a mountain hut and sharing the impressions on the experience while sitting together in front of a plate of steaming Pizzoccheri and, why not, a good glass of local wine from Valtellina will certainly make your day.

Book now your freeride experience with me by calling here +39 334 7733622. I’m waiting for you to experience the best of powder.

Ciao, Marco 😉