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15 October 2019 4.2 °C
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Trails in perfect condition at Bikepark!

12 September 2019


Did you get stuck by the snow at the Bikepark?!
Clear, but we got some good news for you!

We get used to this especially in September, but we want you to know that our Shapers’ team has worked so hard to provide you all the trails fully available from this midweek!

Indeed, all the trails are cleaned and just perfect for all the bikers that want to come here and enjoy the last weeks of a genuine bike ride until the 29th of September.

And another good thing is that the snow and the humidity brought from it has improved the quality of the trails themselves because the terrain will not be so dry, which is perfect for tyres and all riders as well.

You all know we lo snow but we feel like this is not the right time! So, what are you waiting for?!

Grab the bike and come to our Bikepark! The Summer is still here!

Take advantage of the fantastic climate conditions with a lot of sunny days we will have this weekend and the next week to do the last trails of this season, we are waiting for you!

Last but not least, another great news will come up next week! Stay tuned!