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Kosmo Apreski a Livigno

The fun at Mottolino is not only about skiing anymore… just a few days ago we opened the seasonal news, the après ski “Kosmo”.

13 December 2016


The fact that Mottolino offers itself as the Fun Mountain, we believe it’s clear to many… but today, it is even more fun. To the fun of skiing and snowboarding, we added something else which completes our offer, this is the newest apres ski “Kosmo” – Food & Fun Space.

The place was originally a Tea in Livigno, right next to the start of the gondola, offers fun for everyone, but in high quality for all the fans of Mottolino: from 12  you will have the chance to taste hot but quick meals. Ingredients of a prime selection for hamburgers of extremely high quality and prime order pasta to taste the best of it… here are the main ingredients for a quick lunch at Kosmo.

From 4 pm though, the party will start: you can’t say you’ve been skiing if you don’t participate to one this parties at Ksomo, right on the slopes, with boots on your feet! This is why we suggest you to check out our new apres ski: to have a drink after the long ski day, have a talk your friends, dance and listen to some great music. This is Kosmo après ski, in collaboration with Miky’s pub!

What are you waiting for? Come and find us and while waiting to be here, follow us on our social networks.