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Relax presso M'Eating point di Livigno

Take a break in the Pompadour Tea Lounge at M’Eating Point!

21 January 2016


Mottolino and pompadour forged a partnership a few years ago that lasts even today. The famous South Tyrol brand, leader in the world production of tea bags, this year arrives at M’Eating Point Mountain Hut, in the ski area Mottolino, with a Tea Lounge where you can take a pleasant break during these fresh January days.

With a wide selection of infusions and tisanes, you’ll have the chance to restore during your days of ski in Livigno, tasting different drinks: from the crassic black team to the herb of mountains brew, to different tisanes with various effects, digestive, depurative or detox.

There’s nothing better than warming up with a pleasant hot drink, to have together with a piece of cake from Mottolino bakery.

Stop at M’Eating Point Mountain Hut, sit in the Pompadour Tea Lounge in front of the bar and enjoy the pleasures of energizing breaks.