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Luciano’s Alpine Restaurant: tradizione culinaria

Luciano’s Restaurant Alpine: the kitchen between tradition and

7 February 2015


Name: Mirko

Last name: Ravasio

Age: 28

Origin: of guaranteed Brianza origin

Experience: Italy, Russia

Chef because: as a child, I’ve been observing and admiring my grandmother over and over, when preparing homemade lasagna

When I grow up I want to be: always and forever a chef. Even if, back then, my friends didn’t quite understand why I didn’t want to become an astronaut or a football player

Cooking is: passion, curiosity, tecnique, charm, experimenting and a lot of madness

Philosophy and inspiration: food is emotions. Emotions are memories.

And it is with this last “precept” that Mirko began explaining to us how the new Luciano’s restaurant menu was put together. “It’s all about the smell of polenta ” he says.

You and I are more or less from the same place” he adds. And then continues “do you remember that particular smell? The one that used to be in every single one of our homes back then when we where kids. I’m talking about that special smell being the memory of our grandparents, family and poor cooking. Being the symbol of a rooted and healthy culinary tradition, even thou unpretentious. Well, right there is where the new Luciano’s menu comes from”.

Mirko explains to me that usually a menu is the brainchild embryo that develops into an harmonious whole filled with quality and just the right variety. In this case, in particular, the launching idea has been “the product”. He tells us, in fact, that he had started to sketch out the first few lines of the menu by shutting himself in the food-cell all alone for a few hours. Looking, smelling and studying every typical product of the area searching for the original mountain taste. It all reminded him of that one smell, at home in his childhood.

And so emotions began rising from the memories, ready to be reproduced into food shape. And so the current menu combines timeless dishes (such as Pizzoccheri and polenta), to more sought after ones, bearing in mind traditional flavours. Here the difference is done by the product being particularly hard to find (eg. pig’s cheeks bacon) or slow processed, using typical tecniques of genuine peasant tradition (long cooking times, even up to 24 hours).

Mirko has no doubts: “I believe people coming to the restaurant should be able to eat something that at home, otherwise, they could never taste. At the same time, however, I think the flavor involved should always be recognizable and desirable by the mass. It is so that the customer remains the main character in the choice of his own favourite plate and will always be able to make informed decisions”.

The final touch offered to the service of the senses will be brought by the right wine chosen from our cellar to perfectly match the dish reflecting “the culinary me” of the moment.

Are you drooling? Book now your table at Luciano’s Alpine Restaurant by calling +39 0342 970025: seats are limited.