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Kosmo, nuovo ristorante a Livigno

Livigno restaurants: 4 reasons why you should choose Kosmo for your lunch time

8 August 2017


In summer, when I’m in Livigno for business of with my family, when I have to choose where to eat I go to Kosmo, the new place at Mottolino cable car bottom terminal.

Among countless restaurants in Livigno, Kosmo is one of my favourite, especially in summer. Do you want to know why? Here are 4 good reasons why I choose it often and I want to suggest it to you.

  1. Easy to reach: either you are walking along the pedestriane lane, or in the town center, or you come to Livigno by car, Kosmo is easy to reach and above all it has a comfortable parking area, ideal to leave your car all day long!
  2. Easy and young mood: forget about dress codes or ceremonies. You can go there for a quick business lunch, or with your family or with your friends, but you will always feel at ease. You can choose to sit on standard wooden tables or take it easy on deckchairs, chaise longues, comfy sofas, or relaxing hammocks.
  3. Quality products: all dishes are prepared with high quality raw products. From hamburgers to pizzas, from pasta to salads, everything is prepared with selected products. If I had to suggest you something I would go for the fresh “favolosa” pizza or Felicetti pasta with pesto, potatoes and green beans. Memorable!
  4. Panoramic terrace over Livigno: Kosmo, with its priviledge location, is a cool terrace in fornt of Livigno. You are close to the town center, but far enoughto enjoy a cool place away from the traffic and with a great view on our valley.

What are you waiting for? Visit the page dedicated to Kosmo on our website and come visit us for a delicious meal!