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Kosmo, aperiti in quota

Après ski Livigno: Kosmo, “what else”?

11 February 2017


Thoughts of a skier (and of a snowboarder and of a telemarker. Because at the end we are all the same: in love with fun)

04:30 p.m: the slopes are about to close. I had snow, skiing, sun, friends, laughters, some crashes(always with style obviously), a race with my friends who thinks he’s cooler than me (but who ended up losing). I even met nice people on the lifts and the lunch brake was amazing. Stopping is out of discussion.

04:40 p.m: and now? Wait, look at that: “do you want to be sad?” vs “do you want to be happy?”. Why: is there a choice? Eureka, the solution just a few steps away. Perfect, right at the bottom of the last slope and without even having to take our skis off (or almost). Maximized time-fun.

04:45 p.m: here it is. Kosmo.
I’m already thirsty by thinking about it.
Listen to that music, it rocks.
I want to go in, right now.
I know, I never take my skis off, not even when I sleep, but the slopes are totally closed.
I can do it, I’m ready for it.

3-2-1: skis off and it’s time to dance



The best way to end your day on the slopes:
Kosmo, what else?