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Ghiottonerie al Kosmo in Livigno

3 gluttonies at Kosmo you shouldn’t miss for any reason

25 July 2017

At Kosmo, food and fun space at Mottolino, even the menu has changed for the summer season. New food is on the list and every visit for me is the chance to test something new. 
These are my top 3, that I suggest you. They are in casual order, but maybe not. 
1. Pizza Favolosa
Every time I go to a pizza place, after I read the list, I think I have many alternatives to choose from but I always end up ordering the same one. At Kosmo I found the perfect alternative. I usually choose light and delicate pizzas, with spicy salami and dried tomatoes, or with sausage and mushrooms, but at Kosmo I go for pizza Favolosa, (aka Fabolous pizza). With buffalo’s milk mozzarella fresh tomatoes, tuna fish and songino salad. Fresh, delicate and perfect for the summer season!
2. De-composed pie
It’s the sweet news of the season, this dessert that’s not a dessert, but a mix of fresh ingredients, from fruit to pastry cream, to pastry paste biscuit. If the chef is on the mood, you might also receive a glass of caramel to accompany everything.
3. Kosmo Burger
Hamburger, crunchy bacon, salad, tomato, cheese and onion. This are the ingrediets of my favourite second dish. How can you resist such goodness after a morning at work on Mottolino projects?  
#instafood #foodporn #byebyediet #athousandandonecalories #itastethetaste
Ah, I nearly forgot. If you are a size EU40 don’t worry: at Kosmo you also find soups and salads but I’ll try them before going on holiday to the sea… in 11 months!