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famiglia di sciatori sul Mottolino sulle Alpi

MottolinoGO: a mountain of family fun

26 November 2015

At the seaside it’s enough to have a swimsuit, a shirt and a pair of flip-flops, but in the mountains things get a bit more complicated. Add the fact that you are travelling with children and the picture is complete.
Sweaters, padded pants, boots, a favorite toy, heavy socks, helmet, gloves, a hat, a book with a story to read at bedtime: these are just some of the countless things you need to pack when preparing your family holiday in the mountains.
Then you need accommodation, equipment, ski school, activities.
All in all the real challange is getting organized: finding the right place to be together and enjoy a few days of real fun, knowing that you can take it easy because the choice is fair and it will satisfy everyone, both old and young.
And we are more than ready to accept the challenge.
Let’s check together the list of things you need when planning your family holiday in the mountains:
  • Destination for children? Check.
  • Fun destination for adults as well? Check.
  • Accommodation? Check.
  • Equipment rental? Check.
  • Equipment depot at lifts’ terminal? Check.
  • Ski school for children? Check.
  • Phenomenal, multilingual and fun instructors? Check.
  • Assisted kindergarten free of charge located on the ski slopes? Check.
  • Assistance and insurance during your holiday? Check.
  • Suitcase packed? Ooops no, that’s actually not there.
Oh well, come on: after all we can’t do just anything.
But if you’re at least willing to deal with the suitcase and driving, everything else it’s ready for you here
Have you seen?
Book now your MottolinoGO family pack and start smiling by giving a quick glance here: