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Mottolino Key per la vacanza a Livigno

Mottolino Key: the essential tool to organize and enjoy your holiday in Livigno

22 October 2015


I know it from experience: many times we know for sure to own a loyalty card, but we just cannot remember where it is. And, let’s face it, such thing happens especially if it’s not that of the local supermarket which we use daily (and, to be honest, it happens to me with the latter as well…).

If you have the Mottolino Key card, registered in the last few years here in Livigno, it’s now time to dust it off and keep it at hand, right from the moment in which you’ll start organizing your ski holiday in Livigno. Do you want to know why?

Here are five good reasons to keep it in your wallet.

While organizing your holiday…

  • Discounts on on the brand new Mottolino booking platform you can organize your holiday taking advantage of special conditions. Remember to sign in using your personal login details and if you’ve lost them ask us for them.
  • New hotels partners and not only: in this past summer the Alpine Hotels and Alpen Hotel in Valdidentro joined Mottolino Key. With your card then, you can also choose among the best hotels in Livigno and Valdidentro and some apartments, accumulating valuable points and getting instant discounts.

While in Livigno …

  • Restaurants and entertainment: as of a few months, Mottolino Key can be used in one of the coolest apreski in town, Alegra Apèreski; and also in some of the best restaurants in Livigno such as Bivio Bistro and Gourmet; Larice Sushi Restaurant and Alegra Grill Restaurant. The evening continues then at Bivio Club where, if you own a Gold card, you won’t pay for the wardrobe.
  • New store La Galleria: if you are a winter customer, you haven’t yet visited the renovated shop La Galleria, formerly named as Galleria delle Novità. An open space store keeping the right balanc in between modernity and tradition with a mix of original and innovative products, ranging from leather goods by Alviero Martini, Furla and Coccinelle to sparkling wines, going through hi-tech and clothing.
  • Your card is for life and, therefore, you can continue accumulating points getting each year closer to the gold and platinum classes offering favorable conditions and many benefits.

What do you think about it? Were we able to give you enough good reasons to start your Mottolino Key treasure hunt? And if you just cannot find it, it’s enough to ask for a copy, while if you still don’t have one… what are you waiting for? Sing in now, it’s free!