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Snowland: music festival sulle Alpi

Snowlands Festival Livigno: three days of music to end the winter season

16 April 2016

Everything is ready in the new venues that will host Snowland Festival in Livigno, the event that will end to the rythm this winter season in just a couple of days. A unique appointment where music will be alternated to sport ad fun at high altitude, where the winter season hasn’t finished just yet. It’s the perfect chance for a few more rides at Mottolino, and to have some fun with your friends in one of many locations where the event will take place. It was already promoted in its zero edition last year, we can’t wait to see what happens this year. 
Do you still have to buy your ticket? You have many solutions at your disposal! Visit our site, and find out what’s best for you in the offer section. Don’t you need any accomodation? You can profit of various types of tickets, from the standard to the VIP, to the original 5 friends = 1 car, that rewards groups of ecofriends that will travel to Livigno on a unique car that will be awarded with a free ticket (5 tickets at the price of 4)
Have you studied the line up to find your favourite artist? not yet? Yu’ll only be spoilt with choice! Besides Bob Sinclair cancellation, you will still have the chance to listen to great artist and attend amazing shows. A few examples I found on the program? Laser show, androids, suspended dancers, circus artists: definetly not boring!!!
Do you already know that this year event will be cashless? You don’t know what that means= I’ll explain that immediately, because it’s a great added value. Has it ever happened to you to go out at night, keep money, phone and maybe tobacco in your pocket and start losing everything after the third drink, Euros included? At Snowlands it’s no more a problem! You will receiv a wrist band where you’ll charge some credit you will need to pay food and drinks for the entire night. a super eaasy way to manage your money and to avoid losing everything. You still have some credit at the end of the event? You’ll get back everything! Have you finished your credit during the event? no problem, you’ll be able to recharge it anytime! For this edition the wrist band will be valid only at the Main Stage area, where you’ll have no stop music for 8 hours
A super cool party you can’t miss? Sunday the 24th of April at Camanel di Planon! Ride the chairlift, breathe fresh air at 23000m asl (i bet it will be good) and enjoy more nice music surrounded by a breathtaking panorama. You’ll feast your eyes with the ne bikini contest where boys and girls will have to show to be able to ski or board at the music rythm. 
Do you want to do some shopping while being in Livigno? Snowlanders have the right to get special discounts inside various shops in town. Click here to discover a convenient world!
Don’t you think it’s time to organize the end of the winter season with Mottolino and Snowlands Livigno?!