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Nine Knight a Livigno - Andy Wittman in azione

Nine Knights MTB: a few days left to the official opening of the Livigno summer top event!

11 August 2015

The countdown has started. Only 17 days to the 31st of August, kickoff to the fifth edition of Nine Knights MTB. For the third year in a row Mottolino Bikepark will be the official location hosting one of the world’s most important media event in Mountain bike. 
Top athletes, together with action sport best photographers, will be challenging each other on a wooden castle, with smashing structures, offering an exciting show to everybody. 
You never had the chance to see breathtaking evolutions on a bike? Then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of checking out this amazing show at Mottolino bikepark Livigno, from the 31st of August to the 5th of September.
Save the date right now: Thursday the 3rd of September come and see the sunset shooting, starting at 6 pm, or check out the finals Saturday the 5th of September, from 12.30pm. Invited bikers will struggle to become ruler of the week and ruler of the comp, besides having the chance to appear on many cover pages all around the world. 
The event is well known all around the world thanks to many media outcomes that show how incredible the structure looks like and how amazing the knights riding on it. 
Do you want to live Nine Knights MTB from the frontline? Soon online on, the new online portal to book special packages by Mottolino. Stay Tuned!