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Gatto delle nevi per l'evento Nine Knight

At Mottolino construction work for Nine Knights edition 2015 has started!

24 March 2015

Exactly two weeks before the event as punctual as a Swiss watch, the Schneestern shapers returned to Mottolino to start with the construction of the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015.
But let’s go back and take this step-by-step: in mid-January we started to produce artificial snow and in the following weeks we shaped it into two huge snow cubes that will be the basis for the construction of the two castles. The first one will consist in 5 take-offs and 3 landings, while the second castle will contain a skate ramp, a wallride and a mega hip that will allow skiers, snowboarders and skaters to ride all together at the same time.
Work in progress then, and for the next two weeks you’ll be able to follow them next to Sponda chairlift in the Mottolino ski-area: you will see the incredible work of 15 shapers, 5 snowgroomers and 3 diggers which, in 15 days, will transform two giant snow cubes in what will be the most spectacular Nine Knights edition of all times!
FOLLOW THE CONSTRUCTION LIVE on the live webcam from the castle or on our social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!