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The chart of the funniest things you can do at Larix Park

15 August 2014


Let’s face it, there’s definitely no merit on our part in it, but the adventure park in Livigno starts ahead when compared to its closest competitors: not only it is located in one of the craziest forests of the area although next door to downtown village; not only his goers can enjoy bucolic moments thanks to its perfumes, the smell of the soil and the trees, the woodpecker that made ​​a nest nearby; not only the water that flows underneath the courses is among the best ones in the upper valley, but above all it has the good fortune to be the highest tree park in Europe and for this reason has been declared a “training course” by CONI.

Here we come to the ranking of the funniest things you can find in the park.

For the way we see it, a well-deserved position #5 goes to the tyrolienne (pulleys) in the fuchsia course. Because not only professionals battle for first place when moving along the courses, throught obstacles and suspended walkways… the ones who just don’t give themselves a break and most often need to be convinced in coming down by using never-seen-before excuses, are the children. Every age is indeed good for a quick sprint on the small pulleys in the fuchsia course: so much so that this year we had to add an extra two.

Tyrolienne Livigno

Position #4 for the woodden barrels in the blue course. The reason: try to pass broad daddy’s shoulders or mummy’s long legs through the small suspended barrels. We are certain that in the agility race with your children you will come out as losers (sorry, but we do root for the younger generations). You will be left with a “defeat” which will be the reason for laughter and priceless moments to share!

Adventure park Livigno

Firm at position #3 are the “elastic bridges” in the red course. We invite you to toast at the surprised face of all young ladies arriving for the first time at this obstacle: something really great! If I were a photographer I’d like to have a fixed seat here!

Fun in Livigno

Position #2 for the combination “panties + liana jump” in the black course. Here is where it shatters the rumor that sees women as the weaker sex. You can see, in fact, an unsurpassed satisfaction painted on the face of those ones who, in company of their boyfriend, husband, friend, can chuckle happily in front of the psychological barrier of their partner unable to jump. And for those ladies who are brave enough to jump first while shouting “it’s super coooooool” there is not even race.

Liana adventure park

Position #1 for the trunks in the green course, where awkward children transforms into superheroes for the satisfaction of every adult in the park: parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and instructors (yes, even us). In a place like this one, where the dream is to make everyone feel a bit special, this is the position in the chart which we prefer. When a child starts off uncertain, even a little scared, and it slowly melts gaining confidence and starts smiling, we feel we’ve done our job. And we are proud of it.

Fun Livigno

But that’s not all.

So high in the chart which we cannot even classify it, is the complete set of everything we have told you so far, but seen under a new light. In the chart therefore it has no position, but the new entry of this holiday season surely deserves the longed for critics’ prize: welcome to the Larix by night. Whether you are an adult or not, a man or woman, whether you’ve tried the courses in the park one, ten or a hundred times, we are confident that nothing is comparable to the emotion of moving each step in the dark, lit only by your own lamps, surrounded by the deafening silence of the wood where the clearest sound is that of your heart beating while pumping fast a mixture of oxygen and adrenaline. And the best thing is that everyone, without limits, can try this shivering!

Night adventure park Livigno

At this point you have no more excuses: call us at +39 345 1494221 to book your Larix night for an evening rich of different emotions!