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September at Larix Park: how it fills you up with energy!

6 September 2014


I have been working at Larix Park Livigno for many seasons. I have seen kids, adults, families, groups of friends: each person has lived a unique experience here. In this article, I want to tell you how each of our 5 sense is involved. Let’s start!

#1 Sight

Larix Park is inside a wood of secular larches. You can’t deny that the beauty of nature gives you a unique recharge of energy. The bright green slowly gives way to the orange of autumn, the greatness of the trees reassures you and helps you facing the highest steps. Pulleys, lianas, everything is in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. 

#2 Hearing

Singing of birds that live in the wood will be the only soundtrack of your experience: forget about summer hits that you heard on the radio many times, the only music here is the most original, directly by mother nature.

#3 Touch

At every step, while taking breath on platforms, you’ll be really close to the tree trunks. The rough bark, the sticky resin, the strengths of the wooden structures: I challenge you to find something similar when back in the city.

#4 Smell

It’s the most difficult sense to explain. There are no words to describe the smell of thee wood after the rain, and how that changes when sunrays are out, Far away from the road, you’ll immediately smell the essence of nature. Do you know that smells generate in our memory such a strong emotive impact that every time you’ll smell them again you’ll remember the entire experience?

#5. Taste

After the fatigue, you won’t have to wait for long before having something to eat. At the Larix Bar, you can have tasty snacks to get some energies back! Do you want to try something out of common? Add to these sensations even the emotion of enjoying the park when it’s dark! Being at Larix Park at night it’s great and even better if you’re with your friends, for a night you’ll never forget.