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Avventure al Larix park con la famiglia

Larix Park in Livigno, the adventure park not only for kids!

17 June 2017


When we talk about Larix Park, the adventure park on trees in Livigno, we often talk about it as an attraction for kids: too often we see families going there with parents sitting there and watching their kids for hours without even thinking about trying it as well.

Well: the adventure park in Livigno is highly suggested to adults as well, words of an adult and parent!

Here are 5 good reasons why if you come to Livigno you should not miss a couple of hours at Larix Park:

  1. Be an example: if you are a parent, first of all, you can give a good example to your kids. We always “make” them try new things, but what if we are the first ones not doing them? I can guarantee that if we are the first ones to try, the enthusiasm of our kids will be incredible.
  2. Fun: it’s important to do something fun from time to time, be children again, otherwise how boring would life be? At Larix Park in Livigno you can find parkours for all levels and tastes, from the easiest ones, good for adults as well, to the hardest ones such as the black one, which can increase anyones levels of adrenaline… trust me!
  3. Freeing your mind: after some heavy working weeks, what’s better than taking some time off? On the courses of Larix Park there is no time to think about other things!
  4. Put yourself to proof: there is no better way to test yourself than push your limits. Here you will be able to test your courage in complete safety along with a professional staff.
  5. Spend some time in nature: after long days in the city or behind a desk, some time in this beautiful forest is what you need to regenerate.

What do you think about it? Have we managed to convince you to come viti us at Larix Park in Livigno? Start programming your journey and in the mean time visit the special section on our website.