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Larix Park at night: a whole new experience!

28 July 2016


Imagine complete the woods’ complete silence at the sunset and the air which slowly become fresher, add to these an immense feeling of calmness, interrupted by… adrenaline rushes! This is what the Larix Park night adventure sounds like.

If you have already tried the Livigno’s adventure park, but you want to try something completely new, do not miss the chance to organize a visit during the sunset.

After having completed the briefing at 8.30 p.m., because it necessarily needs to be done in good light conditions, you will be allowed to be part of a new adventure in the magic larix forest.

We guarantee you that it is a wonderful and uncommon experience but still perfect, for those who want more, those who cannot organize a visit during the day to remember a date which is worth remembering such as graduation parties, birthdays and many more.

Did you think that Larix Park was only something that kids could experience? Definitely not, be sure that going through the more difficult courses at night will be a great challenge, firstly for yourself and then for your self-control! All of these, always in perfect safety.

Every Wednesday evening at 8.30 p.m… what are you waiting for? Purchase now your night entrance at Larix Park and organize an uncommon evening in your friends’ company.