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Winter is coming: 5 pics you will never be able to take without a GoPro!

23 October 2014


If up to a few years ago cameras hung on our helmets made ​​us all look like aliens, nowadays this accessory has become a real must for action sports fans. We’re talking about GoPro, the video/camera that opend a new way for capturing adrenaline and emotions. In this article we have collected 5 among the best shots taken at Mottolino last year to show you better what this amazing “tool” can do.

1. Everyday emotions

GoPro Livigno

We decided to give this title to our first picture because even the simplest everyday emotions felt at Mottolino can be captured in hundreds different ways. An immaculate slope, a landscape shortly after sunrise or the first chairlift ride of the day, with GoPro you will be able to have it all in a single click and without any special accessory. The above photo, in fact, was taken exclusively with a GoPro comfortably fitting in your pocket, taking up just a little more than a mobile phone.

2. Your kids in a never-seen-before way

GoPro shot winter

When we take a photo of our little skier we are often accustomed to shots taken at the beginning or at the end of a slope. It might be for laziness or for the uncomfortable weight given by a regular camera. It might be for the cold or for any other reason, but at the end of the day all photos are alike and always missing out on the daily highlights like the one in our second picture. GoPro, in fact, in this case was mounted on the girl’s left ski, by using the gooseneck accessory to slightly rise the frame up and by shooting the camera in “burst” mode automatically recording up to 30 shots per second. The result stands out is a photo which, otherwise, we would never have taken.

3. Flying in the park

GoPro snowpark Livigno

The snow park is by far one of the best locations in which a GoPro cannot miss. Whether you are a beginner or not it makes no difference, the way you feel when jumping in the park it will always be known by your own self only, unless you decide to carry a friend on your shoulder to take a picture while you’re in the air. In this third photo our skier mounted the GoPro to a pole, always recording in “burst” mode, getting this way a pretty impressive shot, showing his trick and the kickers below him. Simply  fabulous!

4. Pow … pow … powder!

Freeride Livigno

The picture speaks for itself: a beautiful day, a snowboard, the sun and the snow. We could not wish for anything better. The GoPro in this case is held in the hand by our rider tanks to a smaller pole than the photo above, to make sure that while freeriding downhill (especially in the woods), he is not disturbed by bulky accessories.

5. The most epic shots

We decided to leave at last the description of the photo we used for our cover, shot last year during the Nine Queens at Mottolino. To be honest, this photo wouldn’t need any description, here the emotion speaks for itself! But we want to give you a brief technical note: in this photo the GoPro was set directly on the helmet using the appropriate accessories supplied when purchasing the product. The recording mode is “video” that allows to either have the full video of the jump or to extrapolate the preferred image within the entire sequence.

At this point there is nothing left to do then preparing your GoPro, and if you still don’t have one, we remind you that at Galleria delle Novità in Livigno you can buy it at duty free prices. Do not waste any more time, there’s just a little over a month for the winter season to start!

PS: here below we are also showing some videos ​​entirely shot with GoPro.