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Winter 2016/2017: what is Mottolino planning?

13 October 2016


During the last few days we saw the first snow flakes (check out the webcam archive) and the temperature started falling below 0°C, reaching -5.6°C in the town and -8.5°C at the top. Just a few days left and we will start with the snow production on the top slopes while waiting for some big snow falls during November.

In the mean time, the “organizational machine” at Mottolino is working at its best, in terms of food the news which everyone is waiting for is the new spot next to the Mottolino gondola (ex Tea Del Vidal): we just tell you that it has a name and our graphic studio is working on the logo and on all the material related to it… it will be a rocketing project, be ready!

Other news, this time in the fun sector, is about the partnership between Mottolino and Schneestern which is going to to be about the whole Fun Mountain bringing a whole lot of news which will surely not be unnoticed. Do you want any anticipations? We can just say that kids will have a lot of fun and parents even more.

To add up some more news, last week we wrapped two gondolas with new graphics but to know more about it you will have to wait.

The works of preparation are going on as good as they can, stay tuned in on our social networks, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the news!