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Aquagranda a Livigno con bambini divertiti

What can you do in Livigno when it rains?

11 August 2017


When you are on holiday in Livigno and weather forecast show you that clouds with raindrops, don’t give up! There are many things you can do in Livigno if it rains.

  1. Aquagranda Active You.
    Tip number one gives you 3 solutions in 1. At Aquagranda Wellness Center you can satisfy many needs. Are you on holiday with your family? Enter the slide and fun area, with three slides and many other games for kids of all ages, parents included. Are you in a couple or with your friends? Choose the area wellness and relax, that was renovated and re-opened in February this year. It is impossible to describe wood scents in the saunas, or the calm of musical notes and the wellness instilled by the turkish baths. You should try it on person, you won’t regret it. If you have been fighting hard all winter long against your belly fat and you want to keep good results of your diet, you should go to the gym, or to the swimming pool that Federica Pellegrini has chosen for her altitude training.
  2. MUS! Livigno and Trepalle museum.
    Knowing the history of the village hosting you, makes you understand many things about us. Did you know that until the 50’s Livigno was a lost valley of country men, that could stay isolated when t was snwing hard? Can you imagine the old working tools used by our people (our grandparents!) to live and work? If you enter MUS! Livigno and Trepalle museum, you can get to know our hstoru and discover a wonderfule reality!
  3. A lunch at Camino restaurant.
    I know, I know, I just told you to stay fit by going to the gym, but if you don’t enjoy some food on holiday what would holidays be for? Moreover, what’s best to do in Livigno when it rains if not to sit on a restaurant and anjy good food, taking it easy? At restaurant Il Camino, you can enjoy traditional dishes revisited by chef Luca Galli. I go crazy for pizzoccheri, served in a small cauldron, or for “manfrigole” but I have to say I adore lamb chops or, top of the tops, duck breast with orange sauce.  Well, I didn’t mean to mess you up, just go, try it and .. try it again!
  4. Shopping!
    What’s best to do in Livigno when it rains if not to go shopping in the town center discovering all the shops, especially the coolest ones? At concept store “La Galleria” you can find Mottolino Clothing  line, to wear amazing memories of your holiday, but also original hi tech products, and trendy woman accessories or selected jewelry!
  5. Ride with the cable car.
    Even if it rains in Livigno, M’Eating Point Mountain Hut is open for you! The experience of going up over 2500 m of altitude is priceless, especially if you have kids or juniors that never used that. At the lift arrival you can stop at M’Eatinf Point for a quick break or a tasty lunch. Have you ever tried the taste of a ht chocolate in the middle of the summer? Up there is even better!

Is it raining in Livigno and you don’t know what to do? Now you have a solution!