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sentieri virtuosi per riders sul Mottolino Bikepark

Webcam on Livigno’s slopes: are you ready to dream with your eyes open?

29 June 2017


8.53 am, Milan, Rome or even London or Paris… it doesn’t matter where, but with the warm weather of the last days imagine the many skiers and snowboarders fighting against the warm temperatures. What? Starting their day at the office in front of the computer checking the Livigno Slopes Webcam on our website.

It’s funny right? Ok, it sounds the same to us, but we can guarantee that many people do that.

Well, during this hot summer you could discover a new zen therapy which consists in imagining yourselves in one of the locations which you can see on our Livigno webcams.

Webcam Mottolino Livigno

Someone uses it as a therapy again hot temperatures, other as a past-time and others just because they can’t wait to go on their next vacation, this is why the Mottolino Livigno webcams have grown so much and almost became viral in the past few years. Breath-taking images, incredible panoramas and that feeling of freedom which you can only get from those which apparently look like static images.

The effect is unbelievable, and it is the same as a mountain man watching images of a beach or why not? Even of a busy city.

Webcam Livigno

Monte della Neve Webcam

The Monte della Neve webcam is surely the cam which is places in the best location of the whole Mottolino area. From here, 3000 m asl at the top of the Valfin lift, it is possible to see an incredible panorama. Along with the Mottolino ski area you will be able to see part of the town surrounded by the Alps which are a perfect frame for the town.

And if you are lucky in the morning you might be able to see the sunrise and the town covered by clouds, this image would give anyone goose-bumps. Hard to describe but it feels like the landscape is cut in half and believe me, it surpises us too every time we see it!

This cam is placed in a strategic location, discover it now!

M’eating Point webcam

Another view of Livigno which you cannot miss is the one from the M’eating Point Webcam. The cam is placed on the terrace of the biggest restaurant of Mottolino, 2400 m asl, the cam faces the slopes in front of M’eating Point and part of the snowpark place on the trepalle side of the ski resort.

During the busiest ski days you might even see games of snow-volley organized by groups or agencies on the ground in front of the solarium of the hut.

From here you can also have a clear picture of the weather situation so you can organize your ski day at Mottolino.

Webcam Mottolino Livigno

Bottom of the Livigno lifts Webcam

The use of webcams, as mentioned above, goes beyond passing time. By checking the webcams at the bottom of the lifts you will have the chance to decide before from which lift you want to start your ski day. For example, if you notice that the weather is not the best or that the sun is not shining enough on the slopes yet, you can decide to go up with the Mottolino gondola and ski down the trepalle side which is the first side to be kissed by the sun every morning.

Useful right? The same could work for summer when the valley might look coverd by clouds, but by checking the webcams you might find out that the clouds are moving out leaving space to a beautiful sunny day.

Webcam Livigno Mottolino

Ok enough talking… you can go on with your “zen therapy” by visiting out webcam page and by sharing it with your friends and colleagues. Oh! I almost forgot! Let us know if it works.