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15 August 2020 9 °C
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Webcam Livigno: teleport yourself now on our ski slopes!

18 November 2014


“Beam me up Scotty”: it undoubtedly deserves the top ten among the most famous phrases in the history of American television series. And do not tell me you’ve never wanted to do so too, at least once, ‘cause nobody will ever believe you 😉 I’m ready to bet that this weekend, when you saw the snow, you have desired it once more… beam me up in Livigno: now.

And why not giving you a hand? As long as we can…Click here and start touring round. Use the rotation option, drag the image to the right and to the left, zoom in to enlarge, still a bit… ooops, enough to stop now! That lady is taking a shower: a little respect please. Try the accelerator to quickly see what has happened in the last few hours or, if you prefer, choose your period of interest: it is the ideal function if you want to see the change from green to white, typical of this period.

We told you: you’re still not here, but it’s only a matter of moments. And don’t be selfish, tell your friends: use your webcam to travel in space. You can share your discovery with them. Choose from the best images and from the archive the photo you like most and use it: that is for your desktop, for your FB page as a postcard to your friends. Whatever you want.

Everything goes: just let it out. Did you get a watering throat, right? Caught you!

C’mon now, hold on, and in just a few days… snow on the go for you as well: and this time live in the meantime take a look at the webcam!