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Weather in Livigno: here is the alternative system to the weather forecast.

22 November 2014


In the last year the weather in Livigno and in general in Italy has been the subject of national debate for most of the days spent in 2014 up to now. After the huge ammount of snow that fell last winter and the endless rainy days that marked last summer, at one point even the weather forecast started to experience a crisis. Every day we went through many Italian and Swiss sites in search of the most reliable one, but in front of such a weird weather there was no scientific prediction that could keep up with the precision we had in the past years. For this reason we decided to group in this blog article a selection of best proverbs and aphorisms about this area… who knows, it might be that one of them will guess it 😉

  • St. Anthony with his white beard, if it doesn’t rain, snow will be.
  • When the snow is a brick-deep, corn is back to a quarter coin.
  • When the sun gilds the snow, then snow it’s more and more and more.
  • Snow in March, lasts from dawn till dusk. Snow in January becomes salt, and that in April becomes flour.

What do you say? Have you already found one that in you opinion will work? Let us know in the below comments below what you think about it and if you know more sayings on the issue, add them too 😉