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le 5 cose da fare in inverno a Livigno

Top 5 must do things by the end of the winter season in Livigno!

25 April 2015

The end of another fantastic winter season is getting closer: are you sure you have already tried everything, absolutely everything, of what a Fun Mountain winter can give?
Let’s test it: check the right answer and score one point for each DONE box you’ll have.
Position nr. 5: BBQ on the snow
very fast, but also “very food” the quality hamburger at high altitude. Enjoy it with a 1816 Beer, the local one, to taste an even better result in the sun of our slopes located at an altitude of nearly 3,000 mt. It’s not even to be said that such pleasure is available only at the snow food. Don’t miss our nr. 5 favourite: follow the BBQ smell, it will lead you to the snow groomer furnished with a real kitchen located directly on the slopes in the Mottolino ski area. For a “scary good” taste.
☐ DONE ☺
☐ TO DO ☹
Position nr. 4: the surprise of tradition
pizza, spaghetti and tiramisù. Perhaps the three most popular dishes of Italian culinary tradition. Whether you are or not a sweet tooth you need to know that this is the most amazing tiramisu of the resort. If you have not yet tried its crazy taste go straight to M’Eating Point and ask for Tatiana’s Tiramisù“. To make even your taste buds laughing.
☐ DONE ☺
☐ TO DO ☹
Position nr. 3: “Italians do it better”
nothing could be more true than this! Just as stated in the most famous t-shirt in rock history, Italians really do it better. We are talking about Carbonara, an excellence at Camanel di Planon Pasta House. If you believe you have found elsewhere an unbeatable Carbonara, then the challenge is open, sit down and order: you will be surprised. To discover the new frontier of bacon and eggs.
☐ DONE ☺
☐ TO DO ☹
Position nr. 2: “yo, heyman” and sunshine
you can’t jib and you don’t know what “double cork” or “front flip” means: it doesn’t matter. If you haven’t yet entered into the Mottolino snowpark you have really missed out a whole world. If you’ve never tried jumping in your life just go and have a look. Get to the snowpark by Trepalle chairlift, get in and take a picture next to the plane. You will be welcome, even if you just stop to sunbathe on the GoPro hammocks or on the Nine Knights fatboys at the entrance of the park. For a ‘lil freestyle life.
☐ DONE ☺
☐ TO DO ☹
Position nr. 1: seasonal clothing shuffle
according to us the absolute best at the end of the season, the essential in this period of time, is skiing in short sleeves. Seasonal wardrobe switch not only is possible even on the ski slopes of the Fun Mountain, but it’s actually recommended. It is not only fun, it’s unique. Skiing or snowboarding while wearing just a t-shirt is priceless: and this is the best time to do it. For a Caribbean tan without sacrificing your favorite sport.
☐ DONE ☺
☐ DO ☹
End of the test: to view the results count how many DONE boxes you’ve checked and read below what matches your profile.
5 to 4: top Mottolino Fun Mountain fan. What to say? You are the number 1. And you can still have more, go on like this.
3 to 2: rookie Mottolino Fun Mountain fan. You’re on your way. Undoubtedly the 7 days left will be enough time for you to become a top fan.
1 to 0: dreamer Mottolino Fun Mountain fan. We’re sorry to hear that during this winter you remained trapped under a heavy wardrobe and your arms are not long enough to reach the phone and call for help, so here we are for you. Soon someone will get there to set you free. But now you have to make up for what you’ve missed: get in the car right away, you can still try everything, there are up to 7 days left. We believe in you.
Aren’t you satisfied with the results of your test or do you want to be sure to keep the achieved status? So don’t delay: come and visit us!
The countdown has begun.