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Ski slopes in Livigno: Mottolino top 5

6 January 2015


Spending much time on skis it has happened very often to ask each other what, in our opinion, is the nr. 1 slopes in Mottolino ski area. After a lot of talking, yesterday I decided to try to put on paper our rankings. To do so I asked an etherogeneous group of people to tell me: what is your Mottolino slopes top 5 chart and why?

This is what I have gathered, in a “more or less” integral way:

Our absolute nr. 1:

  • Giorgio Rocca: ground for the daring ones, not surprisingly the slope has been dedicated to the local champion winner of the slalom World Cup.
  • Amanti: perfect for snowboard tricks, or for families who can have fun with the little ones in the Yepi course.
  • Paradisin: fantastic scenery and the greatest expression of the highest technical skills.
  • Trepalle: sun, sun and once again sun, since early morning. This is in fact the first slope at Mottolino kissed by the sun already at 8:00 am.
  • Sponda: olympic satisfactions between speed and durability on a truly exceptional slope.


A few top 5 charts from some of the Mottolino staff:

1. Mottolino Centrale: because from top to bottom, until the overpass, it gives me an indescribable feeling … I feel something in my heart

2. Sponda FIS: because I can do the giant curves and it’s never crowded

3. Marmotta: here too immense turnings and zero traffic

4. Autostrada: beautiful and sweeping curves

5. Paradisin: wonderful emotions


1. Amanti: my own playground

2. Centrale: perfect for carving with changes in steep

3. Paradisin: super-technical and super-cool with powder

4. Sponda: when you get down to the chairlift you feel like having to dance a waltz against your lactic acid

5. Autostrada: edge consuming


1. Marmotta: aka 17. Fast and wide curves

2. Nera: aka Pizzocchetto. Technique and speed

3. Amanti: fun and miscellaneous

4. Sponda: fast and technical

5. Trepalle: because it leads you to the snow park


1. Mottolino Centrale: several different steeps for mixing technique and relaxation

2. Amanti: pure fun

3. Delle Cime: what a view

4. Marmotta: beautiful bends on a red level slope

5. Nera: pure technique. And if the weather is not nice you fell like being the star of a snowboard movie☺


1. Sponda: up and down I feel like flying

2. Mottolino Centrale: until the overpass the right steepness and width to feel safe

3. Amanti: saying why is definitely unnecessary, width and view speak for themselves

4. Paradisin: when I’m fit this slope makes me feel like a real PRO

5. Delle Cime: pure relaxation and a break at the mountain hut before moving on to the Amanti


1. Sponda: ‘cause with telemark I bend down the whole slope ‘till my legs explode

2. Trepalle: because it’s to be taken easy

3. Amanti: when I want to have fun

4. Nera: straight down like bombing

5. Mottolino Centrale: because at once I have to go back down


1. Trepalle: aka 3balls. Technical and fun. It’s short, but it loads you up

2. Autostrada: wide and fun

3. Amanti: because it is suitable for adults and children so it can be skied all together

4. Ski Wegg: if you want to feel like a downhill phenomenon with its sweet whoops for easy jumps

5. Scoiattolo: powder-pleasure


Now it’s clear: starting with colleagues from the various departments and moving on to customers who now became friends, it came out just about anything except, as expected, a one and only  chart. But it doesn’t matter because the “reasons why” are the best of all and are surely enough to speed up the inner “desire to ski” (in case it should be missing …). In regards to my own self I can say that my favorite slope has been nominated again and again.

And what about yours? Can you find in our selection your personal nr. 1? We are just too curious to know. Help us to find out: write in the comments what your favorite one is.

Happy snow!