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10 July 2020 14.4 °C
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Piste e montagne innevate sul Mottolino

On Saturday skiing in Livigno for € 33,50

3 February 2015


Skiing in Livigno is more convenient! Every Saturday the Skipass tariff of € 33,50 allows to enjoy the amazing Mottolino slopes at a special rate. On a day that everywhere else is busy, for us it’s the time of guests change: for you, not only bargain prices but also perfect slopes to enjoy.

There are many reasons why you should choose Livigno: amongst them the services of Mottolino, that never stop.

Come to Mottolino and discover the great news of Snow Food, the snow cat with a kitchen to eat a special hamburger in front of a breathtaking panorama, and satisfy the palate vices.

Enjoy February snow, and the perfection of our slopes.

Have fun in Mottolino snowpark, on the line that suites your ability, from the S to the XL!

Take your kids to the Yepi trail and have even more fun amongst the different obstacles.

Take a break at Camanel di Planon, for an aperitif in the lounge area, in front of the braziers.

… should I contine with the list? In my opinion it’s already time to load your car and plan your weekend with us!