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Mottolino: new ski slopes opened for the weekend

1 December 2016


The winter season, started last weekend at the Mottolino Ski Area in Livigno is warming up and for sure we are not looking to being unprepaired. Here is why the works to improve the conditions are strictly continuing.

The whole organizational machine at Mottolino is in function and getting ready for next weekend (3rd and 4th of December) we are working to open even more slopes for that weekend. 

We aill in fact open the Amanti slope, the blue slope which bring you to the bottom of the Mottolino gondola; the Teola lift, which will give the chance to enter the slopes from that side of the town; and the slope joining the bottom of the Valfin lift and the bottom of the Sponda lift (skiweg)

Official is the opening of the second restaurant of the Mottolino Ski Area: Camanel di Planon, while waiting for next week’s big opening of the new place next to the Mottolino gondola

What are you waiting for? You have no more excuses: it’s time to organize your first ski days. The weather forectasted is amazing for at least a week and the fun here has begun.

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