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Anteprima collezione estiva di abbigliamento brandizzato Mottolino

Mottolino Clothing: some anticipations on the Summer collection 2017

25 May 2017


The phone rings, Alice answers with her strong accent from central Italy, I ask: ”What about the Mottolino clothing collection?” she answers “Come onnnn”, then we both laughed.

Well, this summer’s Mottolino clothing collection is all to be discovered! Actually Alice loves talking about “her” project in which she puts so much effort and time and which she can’t wait to see with her own eyes at the beginning of every season.

The new collection is being delivered these days at La Galleria: “Along with a casual variety of T-shirts and hoodies, we opted for a bigger line dedicated to bikers, one of the main targets of Mottolino during summer”

Alice says that by observing the main market and by talking to those interested in the Mottolino clothing, she decided to have a black prevalence even though the graphics are strong and give a good relevance to the Mottolino brand.

For the downhill days, we chose to offer gloves, goggles and socks, which differently from last year’s ones, are a bit shorter, like the ones for freeride.

“We have extended the line of items to be used for downhill and for free time, but not only, we have also added two types of tank-tops, one made of cotton and one made of a synthetic material; a hoodie and a shirt with no sleeves; an anti-wind jacket and a shirt, along with the good old hats and beanies”.

Well, La Galleria is getting ready to have a great assortment of Mottolino clothing, and yu? What are you waiting for? We are waiting for you in Livigno!