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Abbigliamento Mottolino - la stilista

Mottolino Clothing: face to face with the designer of our collections!

8 November 2016


A quick glance at her it’s enough to match the style with Mottolino… I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wearing nothing at all recalling the company we work for, not even for a single day: we are talking about Alice Pennente, our internal graphic designers and the creator of all Mottolino Clothing collections, one of the projects she fances the most and devotes most of her time to.

What is the goal of this project?

A: First of all we aim to convey the brand Mottolino as much as possible, even out  of Livigno, offering garments that are not to be bought as gadgets, but to be really used as clothes to wear. This is the real difference when compared to other similar products: I put a lot of energy in finding the right suppliers and the best quality products. As a matter of fact, the value for money over the years has risen dramatically.

What items are going to be in the new collection and which ones do you suggest to buy?

A: I think you should buy them all – and in the meantime, on the other side of the phone, Alice starts laughing – Seriously: I’m not kidding! We have a varied range of clothes and many accessories that can be used in different contexts and can suit different targets. From the very classic and timeless t-shirts and hoodie, to the tall hoodie to be used in the snowpark, from the helmet to the flannel shirt and a large number of accessories, great as Christmas gifts ideas. We are introducing super fashion beanies, snapback caps, trendy suspenders, a belt and some other surprises: but I don’t want to reveal everything now!

And what’s going to be the coolest news of the winter?

A: No doubts about the mittens: the item is developed together with Level Gloves and customized Mottolino and combines the quality of the glove and a balanced mix of style and design.

I really think the great difference in this project it’s you, Alice, and the passion you put into it… so tell us, what does Mottolino mean to you?

She burst into another laugh…

A: It ‘s my life! I put my whole heart into this project and I wish all efforts will return through high approval ratings from our guests and fans!

What are you waiting for? You can find the whole Mottolino Clothing and accessorize collection at La Galleria in Livigno: something is already here waiting for you, so we advise to come and visit… while waiting for all items to be available from the beginning of December!