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Mottolino and Aquafan: a fun-tastic partnership

24 July 2018


Aquafan and Mottolino. Two companies that are 500km from each other, but have in common the goal of entertaining their guests. One exploits water to activate slides of different shapes and complexity, the other exploits its icy and crystalline form to create slopes,  jumps and courses of different kinds. One is located where hot sometimes gets baking, the other one where cold gets freezy. One is in Riccione, a pearl in Romagna region, the other one is in Livigno, in the heart of Lombardy Alps.

The most important thing about them, is something you wouldn’t be able to distinguish where it belongs to, and that’s the happy face of those who spent a fun day, either in a swimsuit or on skis.

With fun being the driving force of their business, a spontaneous collaboration between the two companies was born.

For this reason Mottolino and Livigno will appear for the whole summer on the Etreme River Tower, one of the coolest strcuture at Aquafan Park, supported by a communication campaign announcing winter arrival, that will bring a fresh breath of fun  during Mottolino Day, planned for the 31st of July and the 21st of August.

During these days, Mottolino Key owners will have the chance to enter Aquafan paying their tciket € 21,00 instead of € 30,00!