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Ski rental Livigno: test with us a preview of the models for the season 2015/2016

7 March 2015


The future of skiing is all mountain rocker. For the few of you who still don’t have an idea of ​​what this word means, just imagine skiing with two bananas instead of two skis. I’m not kidding! This type of skis has really got a form of the kind that help skiers because it allows easy turnings without leg strain.

Why do we like them? Because they are FUN, just like us. An entire day on the slopes without feeling it: who would have thought? It’s the perfect situation for Livigno: because it doesn’t kill you and it leaves you enough strength for apreski, for dinner and for after dinner as well… how couldn’t we like it?!? And there’s something new: you don’t have to wait until next year to try out the skis of the future. At the rental, in fact, some models for the next season are already available to try ahead of official release time.

Among the innovations we have selected 5 for you, including 2 specially designed for women, and we look forward to know what you think of them too.

Here they are:

  1. SALOMON X-MAX: new generation all mountain skis, lightened thanks to honeycomb manifacturing. The variable radius and its construction make them suitable for all conditions. Definitely a fun ski.
  2. FISCHER PROGRESSOR: it winks to the slopes, but its rocker makes it manageable in all curves. Suitable for high-level skiers… with good taste. The graphics in fact has been completely renovated and it won’t disappoint you.
  3. VÖLKL MANTRA: of a freeride extraction it now presents a new structure and it is super rocker. 100 mm width at the center makes them favourable for off-piste use (60% off piste, 40% slope). If you ask us, we surely vote these skis being extra-fun!
  4. HEAD SUPERJOY: designed for women. All mountain rocker skis, extremely light but still stable and performing. New graphics for those who want to follow the trend of the moment without sacrificing glance.
  5. VOLANT PURE SILVER: pink bow for Atomic luxury brand proposing a model designed for fashionable women without sacrificing performance. It’s pretty much the Maserati among skis. Completely covered in silver it is the top of the range in production. With these skis you certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Why waiting for months, if you can have them now? Book your skis now, right here!