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MTB e Ebike sul Mottolino

Mottolino MTB is for everyone: find out more about our E-bike rental in Livigno

30 August 2016


You would like to see some awesome MTB trails, but you are not sure if you have got the right training? Come to Mottolino and find out e-bike rental in Livigno.

Times when to ride long trails you need to train hard are gone, thanks to the assisted pedal bike, hard work is only a memory and fun day increase in number, giving to everyone the opportunity to go where they couldn’t have gone before.

With your MTB Scott E-spark 710, with the newest technologies in the electronic assistance, you will be able to ride on every terrain, accompaignin those who want to train but still have a fun time.

Many trails are accessible to everyone: from the easier ones such as Val Federia or Val delle Mine, to the longer ones such as Trela and Cancano and back from Val Alpisella… with the e-bike nothing is impossible and you will be able to go where you have always dreamt.

The best thing is that you can choose how hard you want it to be thanks to the pedal assistance regulations… at the maximum power, hard work will be zero!

What are you waiting for? Reserve now your e-bike and be sure to have a good lunch in one of the affiliated restaurants depending on the itinerary you want to do thanks to the all-inclusive pack!