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Bike rental Livigno: Dr. Rent at Mottolino. Simply spoiled for choice

6 July 2018


240 wheels, 120 frames, 5 bike models for different levels and disciplines, 4 top brands and 1 incredible staff for endless assistance: these are the numbers at Dr. Rent bike rental shop.

Located at Mottolino gondola bottom terminal, right at the entrance of the homonym bikepark in Livigno, Dr. Rent bike rental shop, can count on staggering figures. An attentive, competent and truly passionate staff in addition to a comfortable and easy to reach position can guarantee you the professionalism you are looking for.

What bikes can you rent at Dr. Rent?

To ride “brakes free” in the Mottolino bikepark you have 3 types of bikes available. All of them offer DH geometries and set-up and a dual crown fork:

1. Standard bike: Scott brand, Voltage 720 model. You are a beginner or you still have little experience. For you a safe bike, designed to help even the most inexperienced ones to face their first runs in a bikepark. A bike that forgives some mistakes to those who are learning and want to improve quickly, but do not pull back when it comes to letting it run fast or face the very first tricks.

2. Exclusive bike: Scott brand, Gambler 720 model. You already have experience in bikeparks, you like jumps, drops, gaps, technical terrain and narrow curves. For you a bike with a sturdy frame and top of the range equipment that guarantees safety in all conditions and allows you to dare just enough.

3. Super exclusive bikes: Santa Cruz and Intense brands, V10C and M16C models. You ride big, really big. Every run you go for is an event and you never save yourself. For you a bike with a carbon frame, very light to allow you to try even the most difficult tricks and a race set-up with very aggressive geometries. Enjoy it all.

For the little ones, whether you want to experience some bikepark trail suitable for kids, or you want to join mom and dad in an excursion on the trails of Livigno, for you a small-size bike:

4. Junior bikes: Norco brand, Fluid model. You are up to 145cm tall. For you a bike just like that for the grown up, but built in smaller dimensions because you need stability, safety, resistance. But be careful, if you’re still a young rider, thou taller than 145cm, you already need an adult bike: choose the standard bike model in size S.

To tackle all the trails in Livigno or to go even further, for you is the enduro bike:

5. Enduro bike: Scott brand, Genius 720 model. You like pedaling and working hard uphill, but when the descent comes you start feeling that special “something” inside. You like single trails and flow country. For you, a chameleonic bike, that knows how to adapt to your needs: carbon frame, dropper seatpost, transmission, suspensions and top components. No pain, no gain: go and get you best reward.

For a relaxed and effortless ride even if you’re not very fit or simply want to enjoy the view without too much effort, for you is the e-bike (electric pedal assisted bike):

6. E-bike (electric pedal assisted bike): Scott brand, e-Spark 730 model. If you do not feel like facing trail that might be too long, if your friends are more trained than you, if you have to save energy because your child is sitting in the backseat of your bike, or simply because you want to bring fishing equipment, climbing gear, food for BBQ or the reflex-camera to take that one picture. For you is the e-bike. Watch out thou, we are warning you: you are going to be pedaling anyway, only with that little help to allow enjoying the trip to the best. No blame, no shame: so no sense of guilt, this is not a shortcut, this is pure fun.

6 different types of bikes to meet millions of needs.

Whether you need an advice, assistance or you already know very clearly what you are looking for, Dr. Rent is the place for you.

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