Goeff Gulevich: Nine Knights mtb winner of the week
Goeff Gulevich: Nine Knights mtb winner of the week © Klaus Polzer

Geoff “Gully” Gulevich (CAN) was a man on a mission to take over the castle, stomping a gnarly backflip over the step up, huge airs on the hip and flipping from the drop tower on a downhill bike. Super motivated, he was up at the crack of dawn for the freeride sessions and was more than happy when he earned himself a Nine Knights ring and the “Ruler of the Week” title. a

Martin Söderström made a great comeback this year collecting top votes from his peers taking home the “Best Trick” and “Top GoPro Shot” awards with his double tail whip on the quarter. The stoke was visible in his riding:

I think the video and photo part was the best part of the week, as the teams could go out shooting at anytime, and we had a really good time 

Fellow Swede Anton Thelander earned himself a much deserved “Best Whip” of the week, also receiving a coveted ring. Another award was handed out to German duo Tobi Wrobel and Jonas Janssen who relentlessly defied the winds and kept hitting the course despite the competition being on hold, hence becoming “Contest day Rulers”.

Event host Andi Wittmann (GER) was thrilled on the results of the week despite the difficult weather conditions: 

I’m stoked that the teams were so motivated! The content is quite different this year because of the new team concept and all the different riding styles, like enduro, big bike and freeriding.” The outcome seen at the award night was a true testament to the skill of the people behind the lenses, as well as, the riders. 

Loaded with creativity, it was Team Sweden who took the coveted “Best Film” title with a production involving fire and a unicorn. The main man behind the project Simon Malmberg Duse was working closely together with the riders and photographer Daniel Rönnbäck who won “Best Group” photo. All teams put significant thought into their work, with Team France exploring the idea of our inner child longing to play, and Team Global II took inspiration from the smuggling history of Livigno telling the story behind the hidden away bike trails. The photographers had let their creativity loose and the magnificent results speak for themselves. “Best Lifestyle” photo went to Markus Greber (GER), while “Best Action” and “Best Illumination” categories were awarded to the Christoph Laue and “Best Freeride” shot was snapped by Stef Candé.