[PHOTO] Your best July shots in the bike park!
[PHOTO] Your best July shots in the bike park! © David Malacrida

As of July summer really began to get going and judging by the pictures you have posted on the various social network, fun at Mottolino bikepark didn't lack! We have toured round instagram and we have selected for you the 5 best shots posted by our fans which we are showing you following here!

Huge wallride bikepark Livigno

Bikepark Livigno Mottolino

Bikepark Italy Livigno

Livigno mtb bikepark

Livigno bikepark

What about it? Do they deserve to be chosen? If you believe you can do better you have the entire month of August to take your shots in the bike park and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #mottolino, at the end of the month we will choose the next winning pictures!

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