Inizio travolgente al Nine Knights MTB: il primo VIDEO
Inizio travolgente al Nine Knights MTB: il primo VIDEO

As happy as kids.

These are the sensations I got from the top riders of the world when they got to Passo d’Eira, on the side of Mottolino bike park on Monday. 

Andi Wittmann Nine Knights mtb

The castle is just the start of a great course made of huge jumps, wallrides, a shield, a sword, a crossbow, everything well integrated into the sorroundings. The first knights runs seemed to be undertone, compared to what they can usually do: they needed time to find out the correct speed to approach the jumps, understand what tricks fit most, they needed to get into the right mood.

Nine Knights 2014 Mottolino Livigno

The arrival of the Red Bull helicopter, has been enough to shift the ground. From the moment it arrived, carrying a filmer and a photographer, riders have given their best. Every run, every trick, was a shot of adrenaline. If you don’t belong to the field, you’re amazed by anything that happens.

Nine Knights mtb 2014

Nine Knights mtb Livigno

Tomorrow night there will be the sunset shooting, open to public. I’m ready to bet that anybody attending it will get home thrilled. The magic of natural lights mixed with the riders adrenaline it’s a crazy mix. I suggest you to attend the show in a spot where you can check out the castle and the jumps: there you will have a better perception of  what these guys abilities are and you enjoy even more the view over Livigno. Not to mention that we’ll also have a barbecue and some live music to continue the night and that a shuttle bus will take you up to the spot, so that you won’t have to waste time parking.

You have to come over. In the meantime, check out the new video, in our gallery!

See you tomorrow! Alessia