Online il nuovo sito internet di Mottolino
Online il nuovo sito internet di Mottolino
Why a new website? For a number of reasons.
Because we wanted to talk with you on a more dynamic and engaging platform, renewed not only in graphics, but also in contents. A brand new way to tell you about Mottolino and allow you to enter our world 360 ° round, by giving you not only the essential information, but a lot of tips to find out something more you still don’t know. This is why along with the website we also inaugurate a new blog written by those ones working behind the scenes throughout the whole year. Those who, more than anyone else, know Mottolino. From the maintenance of the trails to the mountain restaurants, from the snowpark to the snowgroomers garage, going through the events and the various offices: many are the things we want to tell you and all of them are good reasons to stay connected with us.
Socials will remain our most direct communication channel but the website will be an important reference for our big community because we will have the chance to talk, in addiction to Mottolino, about all the things that in one way or another are related to our reality.
Anticipations have been enough so far. Now it's time to come explore and see what we have in store for you and through our blog I’m looking for a more and more direct communication with all of you. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank the whole marketing staff who has been working on this new project starting from Thomas, who is now a professional in the web area and Alessia who in this project will not only coordinate the marketing activities, but also give an active contribution to the blog management.
I wish you all a good websurfing, inviting you to Nine Knights MTB scheduled for next week, I wish you all a great beginning of summer season at Mottolino bike park
Marco Rocca