New trail at Mottolino bike park: all the details and the VIDEO!
New trail at Mottolino bike park: all the details and the VIDEO! © Thomas Confortola

Mottolino bike park needed a news! A trail suitable both for beginners and professionals, different from those already marked out but not less attractive. And so, last year, at the end of summer, I started to build the new trail that was opened this week.

It 'a very streamlined course, fast for the more experienced ones and safe for the very beginners thanks to an average 6% gradient. The trail nowadays is 2,100 meters long and starting from Mottolino gondola top terminal it runs under the lift itself coming down to the overpass where it connects to other trails (this summer we are going to build a new part of the course from the overpass down to the bottom).

New trail bikepark Livigno Mottolino

Trail elevation bike park Mottolino Livigno

The construction of this new trail lasted about two months in which others, in addition to the undersigned, worked hard: Elia with a digger, Tobia, Christian, Nicolae and Sergio. Work was certainly not simple due to the weather, which unfortunately did not help, as well as for major drainage work we had to do in the swamps to avoid any future problems and to enable the smooth flow of water running in that area.

The greatest satisfaction, after having done, was definitely that of naming it after Andreas Cusini, a boy from Livigno and a bike park lover who passed away a few years ago in a car accident. It was in the company of his parents that yesterday we crossed the tape of the new path EAS 23.

EAS 23 trail bikepark Livigno

In the video below shot by me and Tobias, you can get a preview of the trail… for everything else I invite you all to try it out buying the All Inclusive package, you will not regret it!