Nuove strutture in arrivo per lo snowpark Mottolino aperto dalla prossima settimana!
Nuove strutture in arrivo per lo snowpark Mottolino aperto dalla prossima settimana! © Thomas Confortola

Some of you have already heard about it a few days ago in an article on our blog, others might have seen the news on the social channels or on the major Italian and European sites of the area. We are talking about the new partnership between Mottolino and Schneestern, the European leading company in snow parks’ construction that starting this year will bring to the Fun Mountain a totally new concept completely devoted to the world of freeskiing and snowboarding.

The German company, which boasts in his resume the production of over 7000 obstacles by using more than 700 tons of iron and 500 tons of plastic, is already known in Livigno for the construction of the huge Nine Knights castles and will take to the top great news right from the beginning of the season, in first place the purchase of 14 new jibbing structures that will be placed in the park starting with the XS line up to the XL line.

Mottolino and Schneestern

Butter box, flat rail, kinked butter box, sliding tube, bank spine and much more to be added to 18 items already placed in the the snow park last year. The will of Mottolino is to continue investing in this sector, by purchasing new facilities and making several changes to the park aiming to hit the more experienced riders and, this year, having special care for beginners.

Waiting for the load coming from Germany in the next few days, our shaper, led by Mino, have been at work for a few days now in order to allow the opening of the first structures by next week. As of now work is concentrated on rails and boxes maintenance as well as on artificial snow production thanks to the new artificial snow system entirely dedicated to the park.

Shaper at work Mottolino snowpark

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