Mottolino Key: dalla nascita ad oggi, ecco perchè non puoi non averla!
Mottolino Key: dalla nascita ad oggi, ecco perchè non puoi non averla!

One preliminay remark: loyalty cards, in my opinion, have always been a nuisance, for basically one main reason! I just have many and most of them have always been exclusively a weight to carry ‘round without having any kind of benefit or advantage in regard to them. Well, my sympathy for such cards as of three years now, led me to follow the Mottolino Key project in Livigno. Here it happened then I have taken this commitment to heart and today ... I consider it as the third one of my own children ... two of them are real, though ... and I dare saying that this last one is even the most spiteful, given the complexity of its management.

Find out below why I strongly recommend you not to come to Livigno without a Mottolino Key and why having it, after all, is not that bad. On the contrary in fact, unlike all the other ones I have, this one will really give you access to a lot of benefits;)

1. Getting the card is quick and easy. Register online and as soon as you get to Livigno, go to a business partner activity to collect it for free. Now you can start using it.

2. I plead “my” project’s cause: with the Mottolino Key you will take away the embarrassment of picking up the wrong card. In a day long in Livigno always keep it on hand because, as I will explain below, you will use very often.

3. Giving us your personal details doesn’t mean we will bomb you with communications: as a matter of fact we ask you for detailed information such as date of birth and province of residence, as well as we keep track of the movements of your Mottolino Key card in order to send you only those messages which we believe might be interesting for you!

Having said that... I suggest you how to enjoy a fun day in Livigno with a Mottolino Key card at hand, to collect points and even save some!

Morning is the time for outdoor activities: whether you choose to go for adrenalin on Mottolino bike park trails or to venture climbing trees at Larix Park, the card is a must: special rates await you and allow to start saving money for a coffee or an ice cream ... not a bad start, uh?

At lunch time, Gazza and his staff wait for you at M'Eating Point hut located at Mottolino gondola top terminal: if you're not riding bike I recommend you to get a roundtrip ticket with lunch included, otherwise you can choose between self-service and sandwich bar to enjoy very delicious local dishes from Valtellina ... and here as well, card in your hand!

In the afternoon... it’s time for a little shopping downtown. There are those who want to check out the latest smartphone arrivals and those ones who prefer bags... do not worry ... you don’t necessarily have to split! At Galleria delle Novità while SHE browses round Pandora, Furla, Coccinelle and Alviero Martini, HE, going downstairs, discovers the new Mottolino clothing collection and the latest products by Samsung, Apple and GoPro... go to the cash desk? First of all show your Mottolino Key card. Time to leave and go home! Yes, unfortunately the day or the holiday is over. But do not forget fuel: Esso gas station in Via Freita (Teola area), with Mottolino Key is even more convenient!

What are you waiting for? Help me raise my adopted son: ask for the card here and come to Livigno. Swiping a card will never been so much fun: no charges in your bank account, but just points!