Great opening at the bike park Mottolino
Great opening at the bike park Mottolino

It’s 7 a.m. I open my eyes and I realize the sky is deep blue “Yay, weather forecast for today were wrong”. I don’t waste any more time, I can’t miss anything of this season opening.

I get to Mottolino beforehand, the rental is already busy and outside the gondola some riders are waiting for the door to open. “Here we are”, I think. I fix a few thing and at 9 o’clock I am waiting for the first biker of this season: it’s a big fan of us, a guy that comes every year to the bike park Mottolino. From his full-face helmet I can see a huge smile, one of those that you can see in a person eyes, full of joy. I admit that I have this sensation in winter, but today enthusiasm was overwhelming. Within an hour I have seen many new faces and some “old” ones, everybody was happy to be riding again. Many have a GoPro on the helmet or the handlebar, to film the first descent or jump.

Someone asks me information about Nine Knights Mtb, that will start on Monday the 16th of June: people that come from outside Livigno will be here for the finals on Saturday the 21st, and they are quite jealous about the locals, who can enjoy even the sunset shooting on Thursday the 19th, that will be followed by an open air grill at Passo d’Eira.

Nine Knights mtb 2014 Mottolino

Some other are waiting for updates about Red Bull Wide Open, the international event that will rewrite the history of gravity races inside Mottolino bikepark, from the 11th to the 13th of July.

While realizing how many news are waiting for us during this winter season Giorgio Rocca passes me by, together with his sons ( one of them is sitting in the backpack on daddy’s shoulders). I ask him to take a picture and the bigger son looks at me making me understand that I have to be quick, because he wants to go. On his helmet he’s wearing Ethen googles, tailored made for Mottolino, and on his bike he has lmp protections, realized for the Specialized bikes at Dr Rent.

Maschera bike Mottolino

Some has already been to Galleria delle Novità to pick up the new t-shirt for the summer season, excited to have found sweaters and beanies to wear when it gets cold at night.

I get back to my office, it isn’t easy to work today, but seeing the new website Mottolino online gives me a great energy: it’s just one of many news, we still have a lot to do, but I’m sure that what’s coming up will give us great satisfactions, to us and to you.

Have a great summer season everyone!