Do you want to organize a truly unforgettable holiday in Livigno? Discover MottolinoGO!
Do you want to organize a truly unforgettable holiday in Livigno? Discover MottolinoGO! © Claudio Foco

When I start planning my holidays I need to find the online portals connected to the destination I chose. I don’t want to travel to a place and miss something important or particular.

That’s why I search online, I visit websites, I read comments, and I compare the information. Basically I invest a  lot of time, with the doubt that maybe I missed something I haven’t found out about.  Everything gets easier if I find a reality that is similar to me and the way I live my holiday, that suggests me what’s best.

If you have decided to spend a holiday in Livigno and you want to make sure you know all about the experiences you have to live, MottolinoGO is the best channel to help you organize it, based on Mottolino suggestions.

Advices that come from a society, that has in its mission the absolute fun of the guests… you can only expect cool suggestions!

First of all, what you have to do is access the portal with Mottolino Key references: online you will be able to get all the benefits our partners acknowledge you, and keep cumulating points.

Then you can start surfing: based on the vacation you are looking for, relax, family, cool or active, you can find different offers, suiting any budget. You can book all inclusive packages, that you just have to order and pay for, or you can put together the products you prefer, adding even the accomodation!

Want some suggestions?

  1. Rental: Nothing’s better that book it directly from home. You’ll get to Livigno being sure that the equipment you need is ready for you, without getting crazy finding a rental shop and the stuff you need. You can pick up everything at Dr. Rent, at the bottom of Mottolino Gondola, and you can leave them at the depot at the end of the day;
  2. Dinner at high altitude: there’s no holiday on the snow without a dinner in a mountain restaurant, and a ride on the snowcat. An unforgettavle experience, in a unique atmosphere and a view over Livigno Valley, at Camanel di Planon;
  3. Ski and snowboard School: it’s a real must if you have kids, but also a pleasant discover for adults that want to improve their technique, together with an instructor that can suggest you the best;

4.Mottolino clothing: don’t leave without a memory of your holiday or buying a present for someone special back home… Book online and pick up the clothe at the new store La Galleria, in the center of Livigno .

What do you think? With MottolinoGO your fun holiday starts when you’re at home sitting on your sofa!