Al Mottolino la stagione entra nel vivo: aperto tutto il dislivello sciabile e il campo scuola!
Al Mottolino la stagione entra nel vivo: aperto tutto il dislivello sciabile e il campo scuola! © Thomas Confortola

Despite the weather not being at our side so far, in the ski area Mottolino in Livigno we are continuing to work on a tight schedule to get to full capacity as soon as possible and we are certainly not far! Since yesterday, in fact, skiing on all the available height difference is reality... thanks to the opening of the Amanti slope, it’s now possible to get down to the village skis on!

This way all the slopes are open except for slope Centrale, on which however, snow groomers and snow cannons are working continuously to ensure its opening tomorrow!

Slopes Livigno

On these fantastic days what could be more beautiful than enjoying the thrill of the first descents down from Monte della Neve to Mottolino gondola bottom terminal? This slope going from the highest point of the ski area, passing by M'Eating Point mountain hut and Passo Eira, despite being an easy one, always manages to satisfy all kids of skiers, from beginners to the most demanding ones... in addiction to this if you stop admiring the landscape you’ll be able to see from the Ortler to the Bernina group!

In addiction to this, dedicated to very little skiers, as of tomorrow is going to be ready the ski playground located out of M'Eating Point mountain hut at the gondola top terminal: right where the ski area gets its first morning sun! Thanks to the comfortable location, while your children will attend ski lessons you will have the chance to enjoy skiing or relaxing on the terrace of the hut!

And while being there, do not miss the chance to discover one of the countless news at Mottolino: the renewed Alpine Restaurant Luciano's inside M'Eating Point mountain hut... you won’t leave it disappointed!

What are you waiting for? Check out on our webcams the perfect conditions waiting for you and remember: until December 19th, the daily lift pass costs only € 23!