A champion opening for the new trail
A champion opening for the new trail "Eas 23" at Mottolino bikepark

You have waited for it for a long time and we have been working on it very hard. Today the new trail “Eas 23” is ready to conquer you. 2100 m of turns, rhythm, speed, good for beginners and pros. If you’re asking yourself how that’s even possible, Greg Minaar will give us an answer: together with Steve Peat and Josh Bryceland, he’s been riding the bike park last week.

Greg Minaar and Steve Peat

The three of the Santacruz Syndacate Team, have decided to come to Livigno despite the cancelation of red Bull Wide Open, and they have been pleasantly surprised by the park, where none of them had been before. The new trail is far from those they are used to ride, but it has been exciting for all of them because of the great rhythm, the beautiful panoramas and its versatility.

We have tried it for you and shot a video you can find here following. If you don’t come by at least once this summer, you won’t certainly say that “you didn’t know”.