Nine Knights mtb 2014
Nine Knights mtb 2014 © David Malacrida

The idea of this article came last week right in the middle of the Nine Knights mtb as I was talking to Stefan (friend and organizer of the event). After having coordinated and experienced personally 3 Nine Knights freeski, 1 Nine Queens and and 2 Nine Knights mtb, I thought I would reveal to you some behind-the-scenes facts that very few know about.

1. 12 hours for a 30 seconds video:

To film the 30-second intro clip to the Nine Knights freeski 2013 highlight it took as long as 4 nights of at least 4 hours each for a total ammount of 12 hours: yeah, you got it right! 12 hours for a 30 seconds video, which we can easily add to those ones used to obtain the keys of the church necessary to film the images, those ones needed for the construction of the two swords and those ones going ‘round here in the surroundings in search of a knight dress looking as real as possible. In the video gallery at the bottom left you will find the amazing final result.

Backstage Nine Knights freeski

2. Athletes are not paid:

Over the years the event has managed to became very yearn for therefore athletes (even the strongest ones in the world) would do anything to take part in it. Those ones invited to participate in fact are not paid and do not receive any cash prize at the end of the event.

3. Video filmed ​​with $ 50,000 worth cameras used in Hollywood:

RED EPIC cameras are used for filming most of the videos. These cameras are those usually present on Hollywood studios or in larger movie productions. The value of these cameras ranges from $ 30,000 to $ 50,000.

Lukas Tielke at work

4. The event with the highest number of Olympic athletes

As much as 13 during the Nine Queens and 9 at the Nine Knights. This number of athletes pushed the two events among the very few ones in the world having the largest number of Olympic athletes attending all at once, of course not being the Olympics.

Nine Knights freeski 2014

5. Structures are always tested by the testimonial of the event before being opened

Opening the dances for every event it’s always Andi Wittmann for the Nine Knights mtb and Nico Zacek for the Nine Knights freeskiing. Tradition, in fact, wants them being the ones in charge of trying the structures before making them available to other riders ... not always the first attempt goes well, take a look, in the video gallery below (the third video among the small thumbnails), at the first jump on the winter castle during Nine Knights freeski 2013.

Andi Wittmann Mottolino Livigno

And now, to top it off, take a look at the brand new video with all the highlights of the Nine Knights mtb 2014 released the day before yesterday!